The Minimum Dower in four Madhabs

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Dowry is given to a woman by the man to legitimize the consummation of the marriage through sexual enjoyment with her. Mahr has different names namely, As sadaaq, a-mahr, al nihlah, al-fareedhah, al-hibaa, al-ajr, al-iqr, al alaaiq, al sadaqah, al-taul (bounty or gift), al-kharas(feast), and al nikaah( marriage)[I]. Mahr is the sole right of the woman.

Islamic Law has neither set a minimum nor a maximum for the dower. There are four different opinions with regard to the minimum amount of dower.


According to the first opinion, a dower must have at least 10 dirhams. The Hanafis have this viewpoint. They base their opinion on a weak hadith:

“There is no mahr less than ten dirhams.” [ Recorded by Al Bayhaqi with a weak chain]

This hadith was deemed weak by Hanafi scholar Al Zailai. Its weakness and inadequacy as evidence are confirmed by Ibn Rushd.  They also draw a comparison between the dower and the lowest amount for which a thief can have his hand cut. That must be the smallest amount that permits one to have sex with a lady since that is the lowest amount for which one would risk losing a limb. It is a “weak analogy,” according to Ibn Rush. He said:

‘This is a type of analogy that is rejected by traditionalists.’[ii]


The Second Opinion: According to the Malikis, the minimum required for a dower is three dirhams.

Imam An Nawawi said: All these opinions are not in agreement with the majority and contrary to Sunnah, their argument is invalid..’[iii]

The Third Opinion: According to this viewpoint, any type of “wealth” that the parties acknowledge is acceptable as a dower. In essence, this ruling states that there is no minimum amount necessary for a dower. This is the view of the Shafis, Hanbalis, Dhahiris, ibn Wahb of the Malikis, Ishaq ibn Rahuyah, Abu Thaur, al-Hasan al-Basri, al-Thauri, al-Auzai, and Saaed ibn al-Musayyab.

Imam al-Shafi’e narrated in his book al-Umm from Abu Yahyah that he said: ‘I asked Imam Rabeeah about the minimum Mahr, he said, any amount that is agreed on by both parties.  I said, ‘If it is only a Dirham?’  He said, ‘Even if it is half a Dirham.’  Then I said, ‘If it is less than that,’ he said, ‘Yes, even if it is a handful of wheat or a seed of wheat’. [Islamweb]


The Fourth Opinion: Anything of worth, whether it be anything tangible or immaterial, is accepted as mahr. This is the strongest viewpoint, in accordance with Ibn Al-Qayyim. In fact, it appears to be the only viewpoint that takes into account every relevant hadith.[iv]


Allah knows Best

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