Ibn Taymiyah Was loved even by the Jinn

Praise be to Allah,


Ibn Taymiyah Was loved even by the Jinn


Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah said, that some of his companions came to him and they said, “May Allah bless you.” He responded: ‘and why do you say this?’ They said: We were upon a journey, and we became lost in the desert. So, we began to seek the help of Allah, the Blessed and Exalted.


“And then we heard your voice, but we did not see you. And you said to us, the right direction is in such and such way. (Meaning, walk this way and then turn here and you will find the path and the straightway). Thus, we followed your directions when we heard your voice, and we went in the direction you guided.” He (ibn Taymiyah) responded: “By Allah, I did not hear anything, nor did I say anything, and I did not leave from my place, but rather, that was a Jinn that loves us.”[i]



When Ibn Taymiyah had a conversation with a man possessed by Jinn



Ibn al-Qayyim – one of the students of Shaykh al-Islam – mentioned that a possessed man was brought before Shaykh al-Islam and he began to make readings on him and saying to him, “Fear Allah! Go away!” It was a female jinn. She said, “I want this man; I love him!” Shaykh al-Islam said, “But he doesn’t want you, go away!”

She replied, “I want to make hajj in him.” He answered, “He does not want you to make hajj in him; leave!” But she refused. He continued to read on her while seriously beating the legs until Shaykh’s hand pained him due to the severity of the beating. Thereupon, the female jinn said, “I will leave, out of honor for the Shaykh.” But he retorted, “Do not leave out of honor for me; leave in obedience to Allah and His Messenger!” He continued to prevail on her until she left.


After she had left, the man woke up and asked, “What brought me before the Shaykh?” They exclaimed, “Subhanahllahl Didn’t you feel the beating he has been inflicting on you despite its severity?!” He answered that he did not feel the beating; anything [ii].

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