Hadith on Merits of Umm Sulaym,

Praise be to Allah,


Hushaym narrated to us from Humayd [at-Iaweel] fromAnas ibn Maalik who said, “Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be on him) said,

‘I entered Paradise and heard a rustling sound ahead of me. [I then realized it was made by] al-Ghumaysaa’ bint Milhaan, the mother of Anas ibn Maalik.”‘

(Musnad Ahmad, Vol. 3, p. 99. The isnaad of this hadeeth is Saheeh according to the conditions set by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim.)



The honorary title of bint Milhaan was Umm Sulaym. Some scholars say that her name was ar-Rumaysaa. Umm Sulaym was first married to Maalik ibn an-Nadr and her son by this marriage was the famous Anas ibn Maalik ‘, one of the great companions of the prophet (peace and blessings be on him). After Maalik ibn an-Nadr died a non-Muslim, Abu Talhah asked for her hand in marriage while he was still a pagan, but she refused to marry him. She invited him to Islam and said to him, “By Allah, Abu Talhah, a man like you is not easily turned away, but you are a non-believer and I am a Muslim woman, and it is not permissible for me to marry you. If you accept Islam, I will be pleased to accept you, without any gold or silver. I shall consider your acceptance of Islam as my dowry.” Abu Ialhah accepted Islam and became a dedicated Muslim, and she bore him two sons, ‘Abdullaah and ‘Umayr.


Thulaathiyyaat Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah have mercy on him)

Reports of Imaam Ahmad that have only three narrators between him and the Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Saalim asSaffaareenee alHanbalee ~(1114 1188 AH)

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