Example of lawful Sustenance in islam

Praise be to Allah,


Al Bukhari has recorded in his Saheeh the words if Aishah, ” my father, Abu Bakr, had a servant who worked for him. One day he brought some food and gave it to Abu Bakr, who ate it. He then said, ” Do you know what it was?’ Abu Bakr asked, what was it?’ He said, ‘ once before Islam came, I divined for a man although I did not know much. I only deceived the person. Today I met him and he gave me a tip. This was the thing from which you ate.’ Abu Bakr inserted his finger into his throat and vomited all that he had eaten.”



Al Bukharee, Manaqib al- Ansaar. 3843

See also, Commentary on the Creed of At-Tahwee by Ibn al-Izz. Translated by Muhammad Abdul haqq Ansaari, Page 471

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