Does kissing break your fast

In the name of Allah,


A man can kiss, hug, hold, touch, and look at his wife if he can control himself. But if a person is easily aroused and can’t control himself, he must not kiss or hug his wife because he can’t be sure he won’t ejaculate or have sexual relations. In a hadeeth qudsi, Allah says, “and he leaves his desire for My sake.” Anything that leads to haraam is haraam, according to Islam[i].


Imam An Nawawai:


Some of the prophet’s companions and followers, like Ahmed, Ishaq, and Abu Dawood, think it’s legal in all cases. In every circumstance, Imam Malik despised it.


According to Ibn Abbas, Abu Haneefah, Al Thawri, Al Awzai, and Al Shafi (may Allah have mercy on all of them), younger men are discouraged but older ones are not. According to reports, Malik said this. It is also said that Imam Malik thought it was okay during voluntary fasting but not necessary. Click here to know the opinions of the four madhabs on this topic.

Kissing without ejaculation does not break a fast, according to all scholars[ii]. Ejaculation from kissing, touching, masturbating, or erotic gazing invalidates fasting. This has been discussed here.


Umar said, “I was excited once, and I kissed [my wife] while I was fasting. I told the Prophet, “Today I did a horrible thing—I kissed while fasting.”

The Prophet (Peace and blessings be on him) inquired, “What do you think about rinsing your mouth with water when fasting?”

“That’s OK,” I said. “Then what is the question?” asked the Prophet[iii].



Hugging and other non-kissing actions


Hugging and other things that could lead to a sexual relationship are treated the same as kissing.

It is also established from ‘Ā’ishah (radiyallāhu ‘anhā) that: Allah’s Messenger (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) would caress [his wife] while he was fasting, and he would place a garment between himself and her private parts.”[iv]


According to Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymin (may Allah have mercy on him), “With regard to things other than kissing that may lead to intercourse, such as hugging and the like, we say that the ruling on them is the same as the ruling on kissing, and there is no difference between them. (Al-Sharh al-Mumti’, 6/434)

Likewise, expressing “I love you” to your spouse does not break your fast. (V)

There is no evidence that he distinguished between young and elderly. This applies to old and young men alike. The issue is whether the contact stimulates one’s desire. If so, it’s despised. If not, it is not hated but should be avoided. It doesn’t matter where the kiss was. Touching with the hand or hugging follow the same rules as kissing


May Allah’s peace and blessings be on the last and final prophet





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