Commentary on the Hadith concerning virtues of starting everything with right side

Praise be to Allah,


Narrated ‘Aa’ishah (May Allah be pleased with her): “The Prophet (PBUH) used to like to start from the right side on wearing shoes, combing his hair and cleaning or washing himself and on doing anything else.[i]


Important Points Derived from the Hadeeth:


  1. Giving preference to the right [starting with the right] in all good things is better according to the Islaamic legislation as well as from the rational and medical point of view. Imaam an-Nawawee said: “The ongoing rule in the Islaamic legislation is that it is commendable and preferable, to begin with, the right in those things which are honorable; while the opposite – beginning with the left – is preferable for dishonorable and unclean things.”


  1. Using the left hand for unclean things is more fitting according to the Islamic law as well as rationally.


  1. The Noble Islamic law has come for correction of the people, refining them, and protecting them from all kinds of harmful things.


  1. Specifically concerning ablution, it is preferable, to begin with, the right members of the body are washed in ablution before the left members. Imam an- Nawawee said: “The Scholars have agreed by consensus that the preference of starting with the right parts of the body before the left is Sunnah; whoever contradicted it has lost out on a virtuous deed, but his ablution is still complete.”


  1. The legitimacy of starting with the right foot when putting on the shoes, and likewise when putting on the khuffs, socks, and the clothing.


  1. The legitimacy of starting with the head when combing the hair and likewise when shaving it.


  1. The completeness of the sunnah of the prophet (PBUH) in having regard for cleanliness in combing the hair and other things.


Copied from Sources:

Arousing the Intellects with the Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam. The Book Of At-Taharaah by Allama Sheikh Salih Ibn Uthaymeen (May Allah have mercy on him). page 35

Tayseer al-Allaam Sharh Umdatul-Ahkaam by Shaykh Abdullah ibn Abdur – Rahmaan Aal Bassaam. Page 28


[i] Saheeh Bukhaari, Volume 1, Book 4, Hadeeth Number 168, p. 150; In the version of Muslim [Volume 1,

Book 2, Hadeeth Number 617, p. 390], it says: It was narrated that ‘Aa’ishah ( ) said: “The Messenger of

Allaah ( ) liked to start on the right in all his affairs; when putting on his sandals, when combing his hair

and when purifying himself.”

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